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June 19 – 21, 2023 | Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa, Las Vegas

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Developed in conjunction with the membership of Only Influencers, email marketing’s most trusted and oldest community, the Email Innovations Summit is the conference that Email Marketers have been asking for.


By exploring, educating, and discussing the cutting edge of email marketing trends, the Email Innovations Summit is designed to take your Email Marketing career to the next level.

  • Innovate
    • Cutting edge acquisition techniques
    • Innovations in Email Design
    • Making Subject Lines Pop in the Inbox
    • What Email Marketers need to know about Wearables
    • Email Innovations That Get Attention
  • Educate
    • How to launch an Email Consultancy
    • Integration from RFP to Implementation
    • How to talk to your IT Department
    • Getting Executive Buy-in
  • Communicate

    The only conference that runs 365 days a year! Every attendee will receive a 3-month complimentary membership to the Only Influencers Email Marketing Community and Discussion Lists: the oldest and most trusted community of email marketers in the world.

  • About Email Innovations Summit

    Only Influencers, and Rising Media, one of the premier event producers for the internet industry, have teamed up to launch a conference series for email marketing professionals: The Email Innovations Summit, the first conference to focus exclusively on the latest innovations in email marketing industry.


    This conference is designed to not only make you the smartest person in the room by arming email professionals with the most up to date techniques and tools, but also how to communicate those benefits and get buy-in from your CMO, Upper Management and your clients.


    And, as with anything connected with Only Influencers, it is also a conference with a strong connection to the community. Network with colleagues from around the world, get to know the email marketing community and supercharge your career at the Email Innovations Summit every June in Las Vegas and October in London.


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Keynote Speakers

Wednesday June 21, 2023
Keynote – Business, Law, and Risk in 2023: What You Need to Know About Current and Future Privacy Enforcement Priorities and Trends


Reed Freeman

Keynote – Business, Law, and Risk in 2023: What You Need to Know About Current and Future Privacy Enforcement Priorities and Trends


Wednesday June 21, 2023


8:50 am


Privacy and consumer protection law has changed dramatically since the GDPR and the CCPA were enacted in 2018. Five new comprehensive laws have taken or will take effect in 2023, and many more are pending in state legislatures this year. Now comes enforcement, one of the key drivers of risk analysis. Some of the key areas of enforcement, by regulators and in private, class action cases are already apparent: 

  • Children’s privacy and design for children
  • Targeted advertising and profiling (so-called “commercial surveillance”)
  • Dark patterns in user interfaces and consumer choice mechanisms;
  • Collection and use of biometric identifiers by employers and consumer-facing companies;
  • Display of videos and the use of social media pixels;
  • Use of online session replay scripts and online chat features; and
  • Collection and use of location data.

We are also starting to see new and very aggressive remedies applied by the regulators, including detailed requirements and prohibitions on corporate officers, which follow them in any job they take for 20 years, disgorgement of data and algorithms that create data, and restrictions on the collection of data going forward.
This presentation will explore these issues and more as we unpack what’s new, what’s coming, and what it means for you and your business in 2023 and beyond.

Tuesday June 20, 2023
Keynote – AI in Email: Assistant, Overlord, or Overload?


Matthew Dunn

Keynote – AI in Email: Assistant, Overlord, or Overload?


Tuesday June 20, 2023


8:50 am


Generative AI exploded into public awareness this year. ChatGPT raced to 1 million users 5 days after launching. Generative art systems like Midjourney and DALL-E 2 morphed from lab rat to scary-monster for creatives seemingly overnight. Hype over AI for the email world is nothing new; is it different this time? In this session, we’ll look at the state of applicable AI solutions and the dynamics behind adoption in the world of email. AI isn’t coming for your email job, but it’s coming to it — sooner than you might think.

Tuesday June 18, 2019
Innovate Your Mindset and Reimagine Your Marketing


Kath Pay

Innovate Your Mindset and Reimagine Your Marketing


Tuesday June 18, 2019


8:50 am



Augustus I


We all know that email marketing is a strong channel that delivers excellent results – but let’s face it, it’s very easy to take it for granted and run our email marketing programs on auto-pilot. Kath will have you questioning the email marketing practices that you have always accepted and more importantly equip you with a desire to ask “Why”. Designed to help you to innovate a new marketing mindset for yourself, you’ll leave seeing your email marketing program through a new perspective.

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    The focus of this unique conference series is on email marketing’s latest innovations in technology, strategy, design, and acquisition. But it doesn’t stop there. The best innovations are worthless if they can’t or won’t be integrated into your overall marketing efforts. So the EI Summit is also about the “care and feeding” of the email marketing professional with sessions designed to help the marketer integrate the information learned back into the broader marketing team when they get back to the office.

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